Opening Doors

Arad Goch has been involved with this Festival for the past twelve years, and one sure thing is that our lives, and the lives of thousands of children who have visited the Festival are a great deal richer as a result. The Opening Doors Festival, which is held every two years, introduces the children and young people of Wales to a varied programme of theatre and offers them the best possible opportunity to experience the performing arts.

AGOR DRYSAU - OPENING DOORS has three main aims:
to broaden the provision of theatre for young audiences in Wales by giving them the opportunity to see a variety of work from overseas;
to broaden the vision and professional experience of practitioners of theatre for young audiences in Wales by creating a broader context for the work - artistically, culturally, geographically and linguistically; to broaden awareness among our overseas colleagues of theatre created in Wales for young audiences

The festival is now well established with teachers, parents, practitioners and promoters in Wales and overseas all eager to participate. Their enthusiasm and support as well as the response of the children and young people spurs us to developing the Festival further.

As well as the young audiences, the Festival has much to offer theatre practitioners and students in higher education institutions. Where else in Wales is it possible to see so much varied theatre from all over the world in 5 days? But it’s not just the performances that make the Festival so special. As well as the friendly, welcoming atmosphere at Aberystwyth, additional activities are also arranged - public readings and seminars all providing young people with an opportunity to network and talk. An excellent opportunity for young people interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts to have a taste of what they could go on to do.

The next Festival will be held in 2012, and as it is the year of the London Olympics, there will be a physical element to some of the Festival’s performances. The next Festival will offer:

Over 40 performances of around 15 productions by different companies for young audiences of all ages
An audience of over 4,000 during the week
Performances for schools, young people and families
Day, evening and weekend performances
Opening Other Doors - performances in theatres around Wales
Seminars, readings and receptions

The Festival is possible thanks to the sponsorship and support of our sponsors and various partners; particular thanks are extended to Arts Council Wales and Ceredigion County Council


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